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Name:A Bullet Journal Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for people who use bullet journals.
Welcome to Bujo, a community dedicated to all things related to bullet journals! If you use bullet journals, or are interested in using bullet journals, you're welcome here. :)

Some Basic Ground Rules:
1. This community focuses on bullet journals. Posts focusing on more structured planners like Passion Planner, Happy Planner, or Erin Condren are considered off-topic. If you use a more freeform-style planner like Volt, however, feel free to join and participate as they have more in common with the bullet journal system.

2. While the planner community at large tends toward drama, this is a low-drama zone. We all have better things to do with our time, right? We use bullet journals to keep ourselves on track, after all. So be good people.

3. Related to Rule #2: Your mod doesn't look kindly upon Bujo Purity Policingtm. Don't do it. The whole point of bullet journaling is that it's utterly flexible and customizable to the individual user. If someone doesn't want to use a future log, that's fine! If someone wants to use washi tape, that's fine! Whether your bujo style is minimalist or artsy or somewhere in between, you are welcome here.

[personal profile] inkstone is your mod & she can be contacted via PM if you have any problems, concerns, or questions.

Affiliate community: [community profile] journalsandplanners
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